Monday, 20 February 2012

Fiance of missing woman continues to search for closure

On Wedneday, I did an interview for a magazine article that was the most emotional thing I have done since joining CreComm.

Matt Bushby is the fiance of Claudette Osborne-Tyo, a woman who went missing in 2008 and has never been found. When Shelley Cook, the founder of Missing Manitoba Women blog gave me his contact info, I was terrified at the thought of interviewing someone whose gone through what he has and trying to ask questions that still got me the answers I needed, while being sensitive to what he and his family has been through

My fingers trembled as I dialed his phone number. I had a list of interview questions prepared, but the list never was used. As soon as I started talking with Matt I knew that asking questions off of a piece of paper wasn't the way to do this. Instead we just had a conversation. Matt is soft spoken, articulate and an obviously intelligent man. I could hear the emotion in his voice as he told me that with every year his hope is fading that Claudette would return.

Matt does not feel like the media and the police have always been fair with him, but he never raised his voice or made accustions. He knows that Claudette will likely not show up suddenly, but at this point he just wants closure, for himself and for Claudette's kids.

I can't thank Shelley Cook enough for helping me with my article and I strongly suggest that people check out the Missing Manitoba Women blog, which tells the stories of Manitoba's missing women that mainstream media often doesn't tell.
Claudette was a mother and a fiance, and I pray for Matt's sake that one day he gets the answers that he's been searching for since 2008.

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