Thursday, 23 February 2012

Graham James comitted the worst kind of crime

It is expected that Graham James will find out on March 20 whether or not he will receive jail time for sexually abusing Theoren Fleury. I am not normally one of those "tough on crime" people that believes that we should lock up every criminal and throw away the key, but in the case of Graham James I believe a severe punishment is justified.

Everyday parents leave their children in the trust of adults, whether it be school, hockey, swimming lessons or whatever. To betray that trust with kids and their parents is a sick and heinous thing. Kids should be able to walk into any situation with any adult and believe that they are in a safe place. At a young age kids need to be able to trust the adults that are around them or it can completely twist their view of the world.

I read the Theoren Fleury autobiography and I know the details of what James did to him. He trapped Fleury into a situation where he felt he could not tell anyone or his chances at the NHL would be done. Plus a boy at that age would be so ashamed of what was happening that they may just want to keep it quiet. James new all of this and used it to manipulate Fleury and countless other boys.

Having that happen at such a young age would do permanent damage to anyone and it is no suprise that Fleury spent years abusing drugs and alcohol.  Fleury and every other boy that James did this too has been handed a life sentence because they will never live a completely normal life.

Graham James didn't want to show his face outside the courtroom because he was obviously ashamed. Well Mr James you should be ashamed. You stole the innocence of countless young boys and have caused years of pain and suffering for them and there families.

I hope the justice system does right and puts you away because if they don't it will be a severe injustice and a slap in the face of the people you hurt.

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